Easy A

Olive Pendergast is an extremely witty high school student who is seemingly so considerate of other people that she throws herself under the bus in order to help some people with confidence and boost some others’ reputations. The way she does this, however, leads to a situation that is much like the one that occurs … Continue reading

Film Review

The Fighter

The Fighter is one of those common inspiring sports films, only not really. In fact it’s much more than that. The film is based on the true story of  Mickey Ward (Mark Wahlberg), a boxer who has to overcome, among other things, his family in order to achieve certain goals. David O. Russell directs the … Continue reading


NFL Picks: Week 14

I think just about everything is going the exact opposite of what I think at this point in the NFL. I’m probably just saying that because of the situation with the team I root for, but that’s what happens when you lose hope for the your team. The Titans actually covered on Thursday, somehow starting … Continue reading