The Good: Actors

I thought that creating a list of my favorite and least favorite actors would be a good idea to be able to kinda sorta give readers a feel for my particular tastes in films. There’s also a list for actresses so make sure to check that out as well. There will be two lists on this page. One is for my top 5 favorite actors. The other will be the opposite, my top 5 least favorite actors. So without further ado:

Actually, one more thing I’d like to mention is that I will be adding a few honorable mentions to each top 5. I just found it too difficult to dwindle these lists down to the flat 5.

Top 5 Actors

1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt    

Levitt has now shot straight to the top after being a big part in The Dark Knight Rises as well as being the lead in a couple of my personal favorite films from the past decade (The Lookout, 500 Days of Summer) as well as one of the better serious comedies I’ve seen for awhile (50/50). His upcoming films (this may force me to update this page a little bit more often because this comment will be somewhat out of date not too long from now) Looper and Premium Rush look promising to me (and yes, I know Premium Rush looks a little on the silly side but I’m giving this guy the benefit of the doubt). He’s made good choices throughout his career and I don’t see him slowing down anytime soon. He also gets bonus points for Angels in the Outfield.


I’m of the opinion that Jason Segel is the best thing in just about anything that he’s involved with. With his role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall (awesome movie), The Muppets (awesome family movie), and I Love You Man (a film that gets better to me every single time I watch it) he’s been a big part of my enjoyment of comedy over the years. Not to mention he can be seen in the not-so-great but not-so-bad CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother.


This is a guy who could take over the number 2 spot if he’d just start picking the right roles. He seems to outshine a lot of the material he ends up participating in. I’m excited to see how This is 40 turns out, because that is one of the films I’m really looking forward to seeing this year.


One word. One syllable. Drive. That is all.


Michael Shannon’s performance in Take Shelter will make him one of my favorite actors for a very long time. This guy is one of the most amazing guys to pick to play a crazy person. He’s just awesome. Check him out in Boardwalk Empire as well. He’s one of the unnoticed gems of the big and small screen.

Honorable Mentions

Jeremy Renner, Tom Hardy, Michael Fassbender


And that’s it for the actors section. Thanks for stopping by.


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