The Bad: Actresses

Bottom 5 Actresses


With the exception of maybe 2 people on this list (definitely one) all of these actresses are going to be these very hot women who get really stupid roles and when they get decent roles they screw up the movie because they’re so bad in them. Some people maybe have been hypnotized into liking these actresses because they are extremely sexy and aren’t afraid to show some skin. Malin Ackerman is the perfect example of what I just described. She’s just terrible in everything. From The Heartbreak Kid to Watchmen she hasn’t been able to put together even a decent performance.


She definitely belongs in this category. Can you think of at least one substantial role she’s had in a good movie? Honestly? I know Sin City was good but she was hardly in that film. Oh wait, I forgot she was in The Killer Inside Me. Her role was pretty significant in that movie and it was a fairly good film. Basically everything else is junk though.


O-verr-at-ed (clap, clap, clap clap clap)! O-verr-at-ed (clap, clap, clap clap clap)! I mean, seriously. Come on now. Judd Apatow gave her her best role with Knocked Up and ever since then it’s been horrible. She should have held onto the Grey’s Anatomy gig as long as possible. In all honesty, she’s the classic example of an actress who had one successful role and then got stuck in being cast in the same old formulaic trashy rom-com.


She has to be on this list due to her involvement in the Transformers franchise. At least she was smart enough to get away from that series before the third movie was made.


Plain and simple. I can’t stand her. That is all.


Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, and Sharon Stone

Real quick, here are my reasons for the honorable mentions:

Jessica Simpson for Dukes of Hazzard

Sharon Stone for pretty much anything she’s done past the 1990s

Paris Hilton for living her life

Okay. That’s it for the actresses. Thanks for stopping by.


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